The Difficulty of Building a Crowd

IdeaBuzz“The hardest part of crowdsourcing is to achieve critical mass and sustain the volume and activity of the crowd.” – Jeff Howe

Journalist and crowdsourcing advocate Jeff Howe hit the nail on the head with his above quote. One of the things we hear most often from the crowdsourcing community is the difficulty of not only attracting a crowd to source, but also maintaining the size and engagement of that crowd.

We hear it so often, in fact, that we came up with a solution: IdeaBuzz. IdeaBuzz is a living community where anyone, anywhere can share great ideas and get input. Any company or organization can set challenges to the community. On the flip side, participants build a small profile of pursuits and expertise, and then participate in challenges that match their interests.

Like with most everything in life, if someone is genuinely attached to and invested in the particular topic or cause that is important to you, they’re more likely to stay engaged and involved. We as people are naturally interest-driven that way. Sometimes this facet of our nature can be a detriment when a company tries to build a crowd, an audience, because there are better populations to be targeting. That’s one of the many fantastic features of IdeaBuzz: you’re always targeting the right population.

In addition to being a solution for anyone looking for a built-in crowd to source, IdeaBuzz also incentivizes the “crowd”; not with cash or prizes, but with a charityware model, which means that suggesting ideas in IdeaBuzz results in donations to participating charity which the user get to select.

The first challenges include things like how to schedule volunteers in humane shelters, using technology to deliver healthcare solutions in underserved communities, how to improve city bike safety, and more. Who can’t get on board with supporting those causes?!

Are you an organization looking for ideas? Are you a person with ideas? You’re definitely at least one of those! Click here to find out more about IdeaBuzz and get involved. You can also click here to preview the new product.

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