Idea management within any organization starts with the simple concept of brainstorming. You can start with just a pad of paper and some ideas. People talk about the ideas, and soon consensus emerges. That’s brainstorming! Bring this process to the next level with IdeaScale. With just a few simple clicks, anyone can start brainstorming within your organization. Get started with IdeaScale today!

Assessment Tool

With the assessment tool, not only can community members vote ideas and comments up and down, but they can also evaluate that content across a number of different criteria

Community Infographic

Exportable, shareable reports are available 24 hours a day from the crowd, including our popular infographic format which renders IdeaScale data in graphic, modular segments.

Email & Notification Tools

Email and announcements are powerful engagement tools and all notification preferences can be set by community admins at the outset of a campaign.

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