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4 Ways To Invest In Your Employees’ Creativity

Employees Creativity

Is your organization centralized or decentralized when it comes to innovation? In a company where innovation is centralized, a specific department is tasked with innovating for the entire organization. The downside of using this model is that buy-in from other departments may be hard to achieve as the innovation department may seem out of touch … Continued

How Can Crowdsourcing Help the Caribbean to Transform by 2040?

How Can Crowdsourcing Help

Did you know that Alexander Hamilton, the First Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America was from the Caribbean island of Nevis? Yes, he was! As a member of the Caribbean diaspora, I find this fact to be rather intriguing! Another notable political figure born to Jamaican immigrants is former Secretary of … Continued

Four Ways to Improve Your Creative Confidence


So, your company is investing in innovation, but do you lack the confidence to be creative? A 2017 Crowdsourced Innovation Report published by IdeaScale noted that more and more companies are embedding innovation initiatives at their organizations. 53% of the innovation programs are focused on leveraging the collective wisdom of employees. The report list below … Continued

My Approach to Customer Onboarding & Nurturing: Hospitality

approach to customer onboarding

Many of us have had the great pleasure of entertaining guests in our home. And we have various methods of engaging our guests during their visit. But regardless of your rituals or processes, there is one overall goal, and that is always to ensure guests feel welcome, involved, appreciated and leave with the desire to come … Continued