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Innovation: Ancient, Ageless, and Diverse

Innovation Diverse

Did you attend that start-up incubator networking event last week? Did you know that that start-up incubator mentality isn’t the new revolutionary concept many believe it to be? According to the Harvard Business Review it dates back to 15th-century Italy. During the Renaissance, master artists in Florence were committed to sharing their talent with up-and-coming artists … Continued

Identifying the Right Problem to Solve: A 4-Step Framework

Identifying the Right Problem to Solve

The votes are in, the consensus is clear- the #1 challenge for decision makers across industry is now selecting the right problem to solve and more precisely- being confident that that selection is the best problem to focus on. In a recent study 85% of executives agree that their organizations are bad at problem diagnosis … Continued

ROI on Innovation

Developing a culture of learning Defining Innovation For years “innovation” has been the business-world hot shot. I’ve heard business leaders say “Let’s innovate,” or “we need to stay innovative,” or “only hire the next generation of innovators.” Great. Fantastic. The boss has spoken. But what does innovation actually mean? I challenge you to develop your … Continued