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Lunch Thoughts: What to do with Recycled Glass?

What to do with recycled glass

Our office kitchen only has one microwave and I always get hungry at peak lunchtime. I place my Pyrex glass container of leftovers at the end of the microwave queue of different shapes, sizes, and brands of glass containers, and wait my turn. From Mason jars at weddings, to glass water bottles at the gym, … Continued

Is Innovation Just a Buzzword?

is innovation just a buzzword

I moved to the Bay Area three years ago for an exciting new job with IdeaScale. From the first week in town I was meeting new people constantly—people here really love networking. It was amazing, it was exciting, it was … endless. When everyone is looking for their next opportunity, social gatherings can easily resemble … Continued

Innovation is a Team Sport

  “It takes a village to raise a child,” and to build a strong innovation program. You’ve read the research—crowdsourcing and open innovation are powerful tools for organizations of all sizes, structures, and disciplines to source game-changing ideas and solutions—but how do these organizations get from launch to valuable results? Pulling from our work with … Continued

Addiction Research: There’s an App for That!

With over 101 million in the US alone, iPhone users make up a sizable population. Imagine the value a population that size holds for researchers in medical fields like Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and drug abuse and addiction. With the help of Apple’s ResearchKit, medical researchers around the globe are getting to tap into this population to … Continued

Digital Solutions to Improve the Lives of People Around the World

Millions of people who can’t access the power of technology are being left behind—excluded from a world of opportunity. In order to address this divide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched the Living Progress Challenge. HPE is inviting the global community to bring forward great ideas and proposed solutions that answer the question: What software applications … Continued