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3 Lessons Learned from Open Nation 2017

Lessons Learned from Open Nation 2017

On a crisp early November day, innovators from around the world convened for Open Nation, IdeaScale’s annual conference celebrating innovation. They came to discuss how crowdsourcing ideas is changing their organizations and to learn best practices from each other. “How do you find and prioritize the best ideas?” Kicking things off w @ideascale’s ever-growing family … Continued

Build Your Career by Sharing a Crowdsourced Idea

crowdsourcing benefits careers

  Techtronic Industries, or TTi, created one of the most dynamic IdeaScale communities called the Idea Farm. The power tools giant runs quick one-to-four week challenges to solicit ideas on how to improve their product lines. Moderators say it’s a powerful tool for employee engagement and collaboration. It has spawned more than 8,000 ideas and … Continued