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3 Reasons Healthcare Needs Idea Management

Healthcare Needs Idea Management

It’s hard enough to keep up in a complex industry like healthcare. But just wait till healthcare is disrupted as dramatically as retail or music has been over the past decade. Clearly the healthcare industry has long been a competitive vertical (on numerous fronts: from patient services to technology and edge disciplines), and its complexity … Continued

9 Ways Bailey’s Irish Cream Can Help You Innovate

  It’s a cold, wet Spring, so let’s take a moment (and a sip or two?) to reflect on how great ideas become reality. Specifically, let’s consider the invention of Bailey’s Irish Cream and what it can teach us about idea management strategies that can support and amplify successful ideas. On December 3rd, 2007, Diageo announced … Continued

Be Innovative if You Want to Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

An operations manager at a Fortune 500 hundred company recently asked me: “what are your thoughts on the best innovation ‘models’ to serve as guides for how individuals or teams can structure some of their thinking?” It’s a great question and organizations we work with frequently want to make sure they’ve got a best practice … Continued

Transforming workplace culture with your innovation management program

Defining and achieving concrete improvements in organizational culture and employee performance is a challenge for organizations of all types. This is an acute reality when an organization is facing a clear mandate or opportunity for this type of change. Even when a solution, tool or methodology is introduced, it will likely face some internal resistance … Continued