Artists Invite the Crowd In

8569750311_2abfdaced7_oOne of the interesting features of crowdsourcing is that it is being adopted by and benefitting both enterprise-level business as well as emerging artists. IdeaScale aims to remain a lightweight tool that serves multiple levels of business, which is why we’ve made so many of the product’s features available, even at the entry level. Obviously businesses that have a more comprehensive audience-base to work with will benefit from the higher-level feature set, but the crowdsourcing method is something that can benefit anyone.

And it is also serving the realm of the commercially successful artist as well, but perhaps it is the artist that are willing to adopt and study technology that will ultimately succeed in creating an audience for themselves. Last month, in June, the crowd started DJing its own events with DJ Spooky at the helm. At a unique, night club inspired event at the Met DJ Spooky entertained a crowd of dancers who could personalize a mobile application to request their favorite songs using an app designed by the artist.

The use of the application at the Met was noteworthy, because the use of mobile phones is usually discouraged at the museum. With more and more artists (and really, everyone) integrating free applications into their work, discouraging the use of cell phones isn’t really going to work on a regular basis anymore.

Do you think that mobile phone use will eventually be ubiquitous? Do you think involving the crowd will launch some artists into better careers?

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