APIs are at the Heart of Open Data

APIAccess_320X208IdeaScale is glad to be hosting a webinar next week about how our API is generating new innovation solutions in different use case scenarios. IdeaScale’s webinar will cover many different integration and data use scenarios, but here are three key areas where APIs are often applied:

Whether developers are accessing our API to display or re-imagine the presentation of data or they’re using it to plug into existing systems, our well-documented API allows developers a great deal of creative access to a rich amount of data.

Not only can IdeaScale be introduced to any iOS or Android environment, our API allows for tailored mobile experiences.

Any community can find a home and a unique look and feel with our adaptive API. Take for example, EA Sports Game Changer’s community.

However, that’s only a very small window into what is possible and the buffet of opportunities that might change how a community is innovating is infinitely larger.

To learn more about the possibilities presented by IdeaScale’s API, tune into our webinar next week. For a specific API use case, check out IdeaScale’s Agora 2.0 webinar video which utilizes IdeaScale’s API to create an onsite public display of their online ideation community.

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