Accessibility is to Ease of Set-Up as IdeaScale is to OneLogin

oneloginisThis post also appears on the OneLogin blog.

I know that analogy relationships was abandoned by many of us once the SATs were over, but I really think that the relationship between IdeaScale and OneLogin is too obvious to ignore. Our values and capabilities are so similar, our partnership (looking back on it) seemed almost inevitable.

As I said in my endorsement of OneLogin: “IdeaScale is committed to both ease of use and security, so OneLogin was a perfect partner fit. They understand the needs of members who don’t want one more login and password to be saved on their ever-expanding, unmanageable digital keychain.”

So, let me tell you why I think of us as leaders in accessibility and why I think of OneLogin as some of the best partners for ease of set-up:

IdeaScale is an innovation management platform that uses the principles of crowdsourcing to collect ideas from a crowd (either a public community of customers or subscribers or a private community of employees). Our product depends on participation and engagement, which is why we focus on ease-of-use and an intuitive user interface. It’s something we’ve committed to – even in our private communities that only face a fixed number of members.

But OneLogin is a leader in ease of set-up for a few reasons:

-I have to say that within a few days of establishing our partnership, I was pleasantly surprised that they had already been able to synch up and get copy on our knowledge base about how to bring our two products together.
-They were also one of the few partners that knew that usability was key to cloud-computing software – especially for identity management.

But the real proof will be in an upcoming webinar, in which IdeaScale will be able to share the capabilities of their platform and how easy it is for OneLogin subscribers to get it started with just a few clicks. You can register for that webinar which will take place on July 24th at 8:30 a.m. here. Audrey Zuro from IdeaScale will share some of the possibilities presented by closed community ideation and Mario Tarabbia will share how easy it is to keep that community secure.

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