5 Reasons to Win with Innovation

gift-bannerThere are five categories. There is one Hawaiian vacation. If you’re a winner in the IdeaScale Innovation Awards, that makes your chance of going to Hawaii 20%.

But what are the categories and why have we chosen them?

Best Engagement Strategy
Awarded to the community that generated a high level of engagement through the most unique and successful methods.

Why? Well, because crowdsourcing is one of the best routes to impactful innovation, but is entirely dependent on – you guessed it – the participation of the crowd. We want to acknowledge those companies who are great at making a hard job look very easy. The real reward, of course, is advancing the company through open innovation.

Best Moderation Strategy
Awarded to the community that demonstrates the most efficient and effective moderation process.

Why? Because selecting idea can be like finding a golden needle in the proverbial haystack and moderators are the key to achieving this successfully. Creating successful moderation and successful moderators is an achievement that we would like to honor.

Wildest Innovation
Awarded to the community with the most surprising and impactful suggestion that will be or has been implemented.

Why? Because the truly inspired is worth pausing to take note of.  Because real change. We expect to see some really interesting ideas in this category.

Savings Expert
Awarded to the community that can demonstrate innovative or compelling organizational savings or new revenue generation as a result of IdeaScale community suggestion.

Why? Because everyone is looking for new ways to impact the bottom line and companies that are not only good at finding ways to do that, but also track and deliver on that should be honored.

Efficiency Expert
Awarded to the community that can best demonstrate innovative and new organizational efficiencies as a result of IdeaScale community suggestion.

Why? We’ve had companies that have doubled student study hours, saved at least a full month’s worth of full time work in eliminating unncesscary administrative duties. And, in the end, our most valuable asset is probably saving time – working smart, not hard. We wanted to find a way to showcase companies that have done it successfully.

So that’s why we’re interested. Now it’s up to you to tell us your story. Enter the innovation awards today!

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