5 Innovation Events at SXSW That You Really Shouldn’t Miss

sxsw2IdeaScale is packing up, and heading to SXSW! We hope you are as excited as we are to get together and talk innovation. Of course you’ll come to see our event:  Democracy Took Over My Government, Now What?, but what else should you check out this year at SXSW? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 Innovation Events that we’re most excited about. Tell us in the comments what you’ll be filling your SXSW visit with.

1.  Check out James McQuivey in “Digital Disruption, Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation.”  McQuivey will be reading excerpts from his book Digital Disruption, and digging into what the state of our digital world means for your business’s success.

2. “OMMA: Should Brands Be Part of the Real-Time Convo?” will explore recent shifts in brand marketing. How quickly is Brand Marketing evolving ? Does the personification of a brand through a carefully customized marketing campaign build a stronger following?

3. Outdated technology has kept internet access limited to easy to control environments like US office buildings. Learn how this team of innovators turned desktop, office-ware into BRCK- internet access for the rest of the world.

4. In “The Power of Public Thinking,” author Clive Thompson will show you how our daily communications shape our thought process. He’ll explain how “public thinking” through tweets, Instagram comments, and all the rest actually help us solve the big problems.

5. You can streamline your office, and improve your product, but your employees are your most valuable asset. John Hagel will talk about applying design thinking and methodologies to developing your team. Training isn’t only for new employees, but what would a perpetual educationally nurturing office look like? How can you capitalize on the experience of those inside and outside of your office to give your staff the best tools in their development?

We’re going to be at SXSW March 7th through 11th, and we’d love to see you!
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