5 Apps to Maximize Your Time While Working on the Go

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Today we have a guest post by Jennifer Robinson. As a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, and PR consultant, Jennifer knows how to make the most of a busy schedule.

It’s not enough to manage, lead and inspire. Today’s entrepreneurs must be savvy accountants, networking gurus, and smooth salesmen. Well-run businesses rely on a jack-of-all-trades approach to operations. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that more than half a million new businesses open each month. Competing with the growing market of entrepreneurs leaves no room for complacency. It’s important to stay on top of everything, even once you’re established. The latest apps adapt to your dynamic schedule so you can take on the world from your smartphone.

Note to Self

Big ideas seldom arise from stale environments. Those few moments when pen and paper are in-hand do nothing for the creative spirit. On-the-go innovators find inspiration through sights and sounds of their ever-changing surroundings. Stop letting great ideas fall through the cracks. With Evernote, users can store, organize, and share their texts, photos, and voice notes so nothing is ever forgotten. Better yet, the app syncs with your devices so you can find important information from your tablet, desktop and smartphone.

Team Work

Remember the days of solo entrepreneurship? Self-accountability took a certain amount of tenacity, organization, and determination. Now that you’ve built a powerhouse of like-minded colleagues, switch gears to a leadership state of mind. Hold your team to the same standards and encourage a culture of accountability. With the Asana app, users can manage tasks, organize emails, and track team collaboration. Save time spent reading emails, attending meetings and analyzing status reports. By staying connected with your team, you’ll be up-to-date with deadlines, completed tasks, and project progress.

Social Butterfly

Of all the day-to-day operations you oversee, social media is likely the most time consuming of them all. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn—the list goes on and on. Managing your business’ social life is a full-time job. Luckily, Hootsuite provides a one-stop shop for social account management. It schedules messages, monitors conversations and tracks analytics. Your audience expects to hear from you daily. Keep in touch each day without spending hours socializing online. Schedule advanced posts in a single sitting so you can set it and move on with your business.

Get Paid

For creatives, money matters rank low on the priority scale. Being an innovator is about bringing ideas to life, not bookkeeping. At the end of the day, getting paid is what keeps your dream alive and growing. Keeping up with your financials doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. With Intuit, you can accept payments and track invoices on the go. This app syncs with QuickBooks to do the bookkeeping for you, taking the hassle out of billing and collections.

Stay Connected

Gain traction by nurturing both personal and professional network connections. A stack of business cards tossed on your desk won’t do much for relationship building. Keep your connections in the palm of your hand with CardMunch by LinkedIn. From the app, you can snap a picture of a business card and the information is converted to a contact on your smartphone. You’ll also have access to contacts from your LinkedIn profile to help grow your professional network.

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