4 Ways to Use Google Analytics in IdeaScale

As you may already know, it’s pretty easy to integrate Google Analytics with IdeaScale (seriously, we’re talking data insights that are basically 2-3 clicks away). But maybe you don’t yet know what sorts of things you might want to look at in Google Analytics. Here are some great ways to learn more about your community.

Traffic to Your IdeaScale Community. Like any Google Analytics dashboard, adding analytics to your community allows you to view traffic patterns. How many people are visiting your site? How many return? How long do they spend in the community? How many pages are they looking at? You can even separate audiences (your regular community members from your admins/moderators, for example) and compare their trends over time.

Demographic Data. Don’t you want to know more about who’s visiting your community? Google Analytics allows you to see some top-level data about who your visitors are: where they live, which devices they use, what sorts of interests that they have – all anonymized, of course. But this type of information could help you build better audience profiles for future campaigns.

Set Goals for Particular Activities. “Goals” in Google Analytics means setting up some parameters around particular actions so that you can start measuring them. You can set goals for people who reach a particular URL (for example: the idea submission form), goals for duration of time spent on site, or particular activities (things like playing a video). Once you start developing goals, you can start measuring progress around them.


Look at Trends Beyond Votes. Maybe you’re not interested in which idea received the most votes, but which idea was viewed the most times. You can look at impressions and interactions on different ideas. You can also look at all of this over time across different audiences. Start seeing which ideas lead someone to the next idea by looking at behavior flow and get beyond the idea of votes alone.

Are you ready to deploy Google Analytics on your IdeaScale community? We want to know what you learn. Share your findings here.



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