4 Tips for Submitting Innovation Awards Content: Deadline One Month Away

innovationawardThe deadline for entering the IdeaScale Innovation Awards is now just one month away with all entries from IdeaScale users due by November 8th, 2013. We’ve been receiving some truly interesting stories from some great users, but for those of you who have yet to full out an entry form, we’ve got a few tips for you as you go through the application process.

1. Share Your Process. Think of the application as a recipe that you’re sharing with a trusted friend. We need to know how you got to success each step of the way. We need to know when you added what and in what order so that we can not only verify, but learn from and share what makes for a good innovation lifecycle. It’s not just about the outcome, it’s about how you got there.

2. God Is In the Details. Remember that the most colorful and memorable applications are the ones that share the quirks and idiosyncracies of their innovation programs. We’ll remember the folks that created an operatic serenade played at the beginning and end of every shift to encourage people to submit ideas to an open innovation campaign, so we want to know about the beginning and end of every shift.

3. Measure Twice, Report Once. We love metrics, we love measurable results and research. Have you seen our infographics? This is something that you’re going to want to bring to your application. How much time did you save? How much more engagement did you see? What doubled? Tripled? What did you cut in half? And what were those numbers. Bringing this to your application is going to help us compare apples and oranges and our judges appreciate companies that love tracking as much as we do.

4. Tell a Story. The more we understand the narrative that brought the whole thing together, the more we’ll be able to understand the profound impact that it’s had on a larger organization that’s probably very different from our own. Leading us from the “once upon a time” to the “happily ever after” is a journey we hope you enjoy writing as much as we enjoy taking it with you.

Enough advice. Share your story with us today.

What are some other application tips? What do you think of the Innovation Awards applications?

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