4 Benefits of Open Innovation to Federal Employees [QUIZ]

capitol bckgdOpen innovation is the new talk of the town in Washington. Federal agencies are looking for ways to improve their services to citizens while also saving money. The federal government has much to gain, and offer, from open innovation. See what you know about open innovation in the government with this innovation quiz and earn a seat to a Live Q&A event on July 22nd with innovation experts.

Open innovation stems from the concept of using the inflow and outflow of knowledge and ideas from an organization to innovate and improve. Openness is not limited to only including outside voices; it also includes collaboration within and across a whole organization. By implementing open innovation, organizations can gain valuable insight while also saving the organization money.

Open innovation stands to provide immense benefits to our federal government. Past success stories of The White House, amongst others, have proven to save the US government millions of dollars. However, not only can open innovation improve agencies and their services to citizens, but it can also provide provide numerous benefits to the employees participating.

Employee engagement in the federal government is imperative for an agency’s success. Open innovation gives employees a channel to participate in an ongoing conversation with their coworkers as well as leaders and management. As part of an innovation initiative by the HHS, Idea Lab was launched in 2010, and hasIt has resulted in an increase in engagement as well as increases in motivation and productivity at work.ncreases in motivation and productivity at work.

Open innovation encourages employees to think outside of the box and to come up with new solutions to old problems. Only 32.7% of federal employees agree that creativity and innovation are rewarded in their workplace. If these efforts were recognized by management, more employees would be actively trying new ways to do their jobs better.

According to the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, only 52% of federal employees agreed that management encouraged communication and collaboration. Open innovation can provide a forum that allows employees across departments to work together towards greater problems.

Job Satisfaction
The Partnership for Public Service 2014 report on Best Places to Work in the Federal Government revealed that only 39.9% of employees agreed that they feel personal empowerment with respect to their work processes. Using open innovation to solve greater problems allows employees to participate in conversations they are are invested in and passionate about.

What are some other strategies managers can implement to encourage a culture of open innovation in the workplace?

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