Data in the city

photo curtesy of eustaquio santimano via flickr
photo courtesy of eustaquio santimano via flickr

From seaside to city center, the people of Singapore utilize android and iOS apps every day. Whether it’s accessing the cloud to play music, or getting directions to the best restaurant in town, apps can improve any and every part of the day – if you know which to take advantage of.

Data In the City: Ideas challenge links government data with the people of Singapore to create innovative apps. To improve Singapore, the campaign goes right to the source for submissions – all Singapore residents. Students, long time citizens, and temporary residents alike were welcomed to submit as many ideas as they could come up with between April 14th and June 1st. The only rule for submissions? They must utilize government collected data.

“Connect those living in Singapore to Singapore,” is the goal here. Various offices in Singapore are offering up the use of their collected data in this quest for apps that will make daily activities easier for locals and tourists. After the initial deadline, panelists slimmed the 180 submissions down to 24 ideas for users to vote on. In reviewing, submissions were measure on:

– Use of government data
– Innovativeness
– Feasibility
– Relevance

Voters have until July 12th to support their favorite app submission. Not only will Singapore put the best app ideas into development, the top 10 app innovators will receive prize money for their ideas. The top 3 submissions will each receive $500, and the next 7 will receive $150 each. Don’t you wish your home had it’s very own app that could directly connect you to any of your favorite fast food delivery lines? Or one that connected you to the Land Transport Authority’s inside info on traffic, displayed right in Google Maps? Singapore has discovered and developed a variety of useful and innovative apps in the past. You can check out previous submissions that have already been developed here.

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