Strategic Crowdsourcing for a Successful Startup


This is a guest post by Marcus Newman. Marcus recently graduated with his MBA and is an entrepreneur in the making who blogs about business trends.

CIOs agreed in a recent meeting that the use of outsourcing for certain company roles is still valuable, says Business Value Exchange. Especially those roles where innovation creates an advantage and the company can’t produce that with internal resources. Crowdsourcing for those certain roles frees up resources so you can focus on other facets of your company such as growth and profitability.

Human Resources

The moment you hire someone to work for you, either full-time, part-time or contract, you’ll need human resource help and advice. According to The Guardian, HR is one of the most outsourced activities for small businesses and it is possible to crowdsource numerous HR activities even though the position requires specialized knowledge of state and federal labor laws, employment contracts, disciplinary regulations and procedures, review procedures and dispute mitigation.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

This is often an aspect of the small business startup that owners pay little attention to, says Huffington Post. Scribbled notes and receipts thrown into a box to be sorted later keep you from knowing exactly how your business is doing. However, it is possible to get accounting support from a group of knowledgeable member who have specialized in industry tools such as Quickbooks by Intuit.comAs an industry standard for small business accounting, you’ll easily find someone with Quickbooks experience to manage your company finances.

IT Support

While you are starting your business, your technology needs will be shifting. The last thing you want is that technology to hold you back. By tapping into the crowd, you’ll have access to people experienced in all aspects of technology. Developing internal resources or hiring skilled people is expensive in both time and money. If your business adopts cloud computing and bring-your-own-device policies, you may never need an in-house IT team once you’ve started with an outsourced IT support effort.

Public Relations

The digital age has changed public relations. To cover all of your PR needs, crowdsourcing this work at first can get your company visibility faster than developing in-house expertise. Gaining visibility for your company and products is critical in your early stages of growth.

Web Design and Development

Your website is a focal point from which people get information about you, your products and services. There are many people specializing in web design and coding. They know what works for your business type, and what doesn’t. Crowdsourcing this effort can give you a professional site with little impact on your own full-time staff.

Content Management and Creation

Unless all of your internal resources are proficient writers and have the time, outsourcing your website content creation is worth doing. You need high-quality, value-added content on your site to attract customers. In the early days of your business, have someone else do this and transition it back to your staff when the website has a good foundation of content that keeps customers interested. If you develop a good working relationship with a content service early on, you may even keep them as the primary creators of your online content indefinitely.

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