3 Reasons to Submit to Innovation Management Awards by This Friday!

3 ReasonsThe deadline to submit your applications for the 2015 Innovation Management Awards is this Friday, November 20! In this third annual competition of accomplishments in innovation management, three categories are open for submissions: Best Engagement Strategy, Best Moderation Strategy, and Best Innovation.

But why might you want to submit to the Innovation Management Awards? Here are three reasons to consider:

  1. To recognize and celebrate all of the hard working members of your team who contributed to innovation management at your organization. It is always nice to give a nod to those who helped to make your organization more efficient, engaging, and innovative. Although nobody engages in innovation for the recognition, recognition definitely doesn’t hurt, and it’s still nice to do so when the opportunity arises. The Innovation Management Awards are just such an opportunity.
  2. It’s a great way to promote future innovation campaigns. If you’re planning on utilizing employee engagement and the crowdsourcing of ideas in the future—which you should be—being an Innovation Management Award winner would definitely be a feather in your bonnet. It shows that you value the input, that you’re committed to engaging in the process. It shows that contributions are appreciated and acknowledged, which will make your community more likely to want to be involved in later innovation campaigns.
  3. Perks for winning! By no means the most important incentive to submit an application, the rewards are also nothing to scoff at. In addition to a 5% discount on your 2016 IdeaScale community, winners also receive an Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, a free pass to IdeaScale’s 2016 Open Nation Conference, a free IdeaBuzz challenge, and a promotional PR packet.

For more information about the Innovation Management Awards, and to submit your application, visit our Innovation Management Awards page.

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