The Four Key Innovation Management Topics

four key innovation management topicsAs you may have heard, IdeaScale recently announced that it had acquired, also known as is the world’s leading platform for cutting-edge innovation management content, best practices and online training programs.

So, what does that mean? What kind of materials and resources can actually be found on, and how are they helpful practically?

Most importantly to note, covers the four key innovation management topics and includes content related to those topics and subcategories of those topics. aims to provide the most current and relevant knowledge and pedagogy, in and easy and affordable way for both businesses and individuals.

  1. Organization and culture. Fairly self-explanatory, this topic includes information about having the perfect environment in which innovation can flourish. As with many things, being prepared organizationally for innovation is an essential component of being successful in innovation. This category is further broken down into content on leadership, innovation governance, sustainability, enabling factors, SME and human resources.
  2. This area can be a massive help in tandem with organization and culture. After all, it doesn’t help to be prepared if you don’t have a comprehensive and coherent strategy with which to approach innovation. This topic includes materials on open innovation, business model innovation, design thinking, mass customization, collaborative innovation and crowdsourcing. All of these options can help you decide which strategy might work best for the goals you have in mind.
  3. Life Cycle Processes. In addition to nailing down infrastructure for innovation, and considering the strategy of innovation campaigns, it is also important to consider the management and post-campaign process. With subcategories like idea management, product development, portfolio management, and IP and patent information, this area can help you think through all of the nitty gritty details. What is your process for managing ideas going to look like? What will happen after the campaign ends? What will the process be for evaluating and further developing ideas? All of these questions have been considered by innovators who have insight that could be helpful for you.
  4. Books & Research. Another self-explanatory category, this section also contains book reviews, in addition to reports, research, and in-depth articles that take a closer look at best practices and innovation models.

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